[Xrayops] Change in SR beam vertical emittance

APS Experiment Hall X-ray Operations Problem List xrayops at mailman.aps.anl.gov
Wed Mar 7 12:07:43 CST 2007

On 3/7/07 at 09:32 the storage ring beam vertical emittance increased by 
more than 10%, from 0.0419 nm-rad to 0.0496 nm-rad, as a result of an 
error in the corrector compensation  for the circularly polarized 
undulator (CPU) while in DC mode. The vertical emittance was adjusted on 
3/7/07 at 11:46 back to 0.0419 nm-rad. The file for CPU DC mode 
compensation will be updated during the next machine studies period.

Karen Schroeder
SR Chief of Operations

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