[Xrayops] Update on SR kicker problem

APS Experiment Hall X-ray Operations Problem List xrayops at mailman.aps.anl.gov
Fri Jun 27 12:36:51 CDT 2008

Currently we are performing a fill-on-fill every two hours due to a 
suspected storage ring kicker problem which resulted in a three beam 
losses during a 15-hour period. After investigation, the P.S. group 
found a capacitor which was leaking dielectric fluid. The capacitor 
replacement started around 12:00 today after the recovery from a beam 
loss. The repair may take a little more than two hours and we cannot be 
certain the repair will eliminate the beam losses.

Once the repair has been completed, the MCR will do another fill-on-fill 
and start Top-Up. If we have another beam loss with the same signature, 
we will revert back to the fill-on-fill every two hours. We will 
continue with this fill schedule at least until the next OPS Directorate 
meeting at 10:30 on Monday, June 30.

Karen Schroeder

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