[Xrayops] Emergency LINAC Access is required tomorrow.

APS Experiment Hall X-ray Operations Problem List xrayops at mailman.aps.anl.gov
Wed Dec 1 16:22:42 CST 2010

  An emergency access to the LINAC gallery is required tomorrow morning in
order to address an issue with one of the electron guns.
The total estimated time to do the work is four hours and the work will
start at 7:30 AM in the morning.    So, starting at 7:30 AM, the beam 
will begin
to decay from 100 mA to ~66.5 mA over the course of the four hours.   Should
we lose beam in the storage ring while the work is being done in the 
LINAC hall,
we will not be able to refill until after the Linac work is completed.

Please inform your users.

John Quintana
Associate Division Director
    Mechanical and Interlock Systems
APS Engineering Support Division
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue, Bldg 401
Argonne, Illinois 60439
(630) 252-6716(ph)   (630)252-7187(fax)

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