[Xrayops] Head's up on POTENTIAL operational issues

APS Experiment Hall X-ray Operations Problem List xrayops at mailman.aps.anl.gov
Fri Mar 18 21:22:40 CDT 2011

Top-Up mode requires that charge is injected into the 
APS Storage Ring at ~2 minute intervals.  This requires
that the entire electron injection complex be operating.
ASD is reporting anomalous behavior with the electron
gun that currently provides Top-Up.   There is a chance that
the gun performance might degrade over the weekend and
contingency plans have been put in place.   This email
is to advise you of those plans.

ASD may have to switch to a second gun which may be able to 
keep top-up going but at 1 minute intervals.  If for some 
reason, Top-Up can not be maintained, fill-on-fills will be 
performed every six hours.    The situation with the guns
will be examined further during the upcoming scheduled
maintenance day on Tuesday, 22 March 2011.


John Quintana
Associate Division Director - Mechanical and Interlock Systems
APS Engineering Support Division

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