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List Description
Aes_employees All AES Employees
AICDI This group is used for communication between those involved in the AICDI LDRD project.
AIMS [no description available]
Aps-division-directors Contains ONLY the individuals who are Division Directors
Aps-division-directors-meetings Contains individuals Invited to attend Division Director meetings
Aps-hpc-mgrs APS HPC Administration
Aps-hpc-wg HPC Working Group
APS-MFA APS Beamline Notification
Aps-partner-user-council Members of the APS Partner User Council
Aps-scientific-advisory-committee Contains elected and ex-officio members of SAC
Aps-u_procurements [no description available]
Aps-user-organization Elected and ex-officio members of the APSUO
Aps-users-special-announcements APS users special Announcements
Aps34idc-users Sector 34-ID-C Users mailing list
APS_Detectors APS Detector Pool Mailing List
Aps_notify APS Operations Event Notification List
Aps_resident_users This mailing list is for messages to APS resident user staff.
Apsdeei [no description available]
Apsioc [no description available]
Apsu-planning APS Upgrade Project Planning
Asd_employees ASD Division Employees
Beamline_controls APS beam line controls
Cad_users [no description available]
Cdiwg Coherent Diffraction Imaging Working Group
CDRauthors APS Upgrade CDR Authors Forum
Core-talk EPICS Core Developers' list
DM-Admin [no description available]
DM-Users Broadcast list for users of the APS Data Management software
Echem For users of the the 433-D030 e-chem lab.
ESAF_System APS ESAF System Communication and Correction List
Floor_operations Mailing List for APS Floor Coordinators
GSAS-II News for GSAS-II users
Hw-talk Hardware Talk
Irena_users List for users of Irena SAXS analysis package.
It-test it-test email list
Large-scale-computing Mailing list for topics in Large-scale computing
Machine-maintenance [no description available]
Machine-studies [no description available]
mba-integration MBA Integration for APS upgrade
mba-mgrs MBA Accelerator Managers for APS upgrade
Nika_users List for users of Nika Area detector data reduction package
Project_support [no description available]
Pvname [no description available]
Python-users Python Users' Mailing List
Pythontraining Group for Python training/discussions for somewhat experienced users
Pythontrainingbeginners Beginning Python Training
QTi-talk EPICS QT Initiative list
sas2018-notices Notices regarding the SAS2018 conference
Sd-plan [no description available]
Sharepoint_mgrs [no description available]
Small-angle ANL Small-Angle Scattering Interest Group
Spec-users Mail-list for users of spec at APS.
Srs XSD-SRS group email distribution list
Svnmanagers Subversion Repository Managers Discussion List
Svnusers Subversion Users Discussion and Help List
Tech-talk EPICS Mailing List
Twg InterCAT Technical Workgroup
Ultrafast_sig APS Ultrafast Scientific Interest Group
Web_staff APS website and content developer's mailing list
xray-notify APS Beamline Notification
XRAYOPS APS Experiment Hall X-ray Operations Problem List

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